Frank Bettencourt fine art, design and graphics
Home: (the early years 1964 - 2004)
homepic.jpgIt came as a surprise to me that when the year 2005 rolled around, I realized that I had been painting for 40 years. Over those years, a dual career as a designer and graphic artist developed, which provided the funds for my fine art. This has been a symbiotic relationship, which often times overlapped. It is sometimes difficult to separate where one profession ends and the other begins.

In this web "sight", you will find links to my various types of work. Basically, you will see a four-decade, online, retrospective exhibit of my art, design and graphics. The site is grouped into types of work, rather than by completion date. I don't have a particular style, but my work is easily recognizable. While many artists continue the same style for years, I would find that boring. I enjoy opening new doors.